About NSC Junior Tournament Squad

NSC Junior Tournament Squad - Sundays 2:30pm to 4:00pm (approx)

  • Open to NSC Sunday Junior Chess Club participants, ready for the extended experience
  • Suited to students whose skills are progressing and who wish to learn to play in chess tournaments over longer time limits.

What is the NSC Junior Tournament Squad?

  • Expert chess tournament training and advice on chess tournament performance
  • A Junior Tournament Squad Event of 9 rounds during week 2 to week 6
  • Time control is 25 mins per player plus 10 seconds added each move
  • Players record their games on a score sheet
  • Opportunites to have games analysed with a coach
  • Chess puzzle training available as players finish their first games and waiting for the next round

Why Junior Tournament Squad?

  • Experience full tournament conditions and recording moves
  • Get more out of your brain by playing over longer time limits
  • Learn Mental Discipline and Impulse Control at the chess board
  • Learn to recognise the right time to pause and calculate
  • Learn the art of taking calculated risks
  • Develop important habits of mind by engaging in chess tournament play