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Chess Programs for term 4:

Chess program for schools during uncertainty of lockdown

With schools potentially in full attendance, but dealing with potential uncertainty from continued threat of COVID-19, we are well prepared to support schools accordingly.

Here are some options, depending on the school situation:

  • Full online chess club With a supervising teacher/staff, and devices (eg. computers, netbooks, iPads) available to participating students, students can still attend e-learning programs. Students can join individually on their device for lessons and games, or attend the meeting on a large screen set up by the supervising teacher/staff and then play games on their individual device.
  • Semi-online chess club This is a hybrid solution for schools where students are all attending but external attendance by a chess coach is still problematic. We can provide a case of chess sets for schools which book a term program. Students attend an online lesson delivered over the Internet (either collectively on a large screen set up by a supervising teacher/staff, or individually on their own devices). And then they play games using the physical boards. The coach can stay online during the game playing to give advise, answer questions or settle disputes
  • In-person chess club Once it is deemed safe for our coaches to be physically attending chess club at schools, traditional programs can resume.

Chess tournaments (Inter-school and Open events)

When it comes to chess tournaments, nothing can replace the exciting experience of an in-person event! Realistically though, it may be a while before it is safe to conduct in-person chess tournaments. Social distancing is virtually impossible in an event where players cannot avoid being in close proximity and touching the same chess pieces.

In the meantime, we will offer a range of chess tournaments online As soon as it is safe to do so, we will reinstate in-person events!