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For students (looking for chess activities):

NSC e-learning Junior Chess Club

We offer a range of programs outside school hours, where you can join in with a group of similar skills and interest to learn chess and play games

NSC Junior Chess Club programs

We run a number of programs for students wanting chess outside of school hours. Here's what they offer:

  • Chess lessons are conducted to groups of students grouped by chess abilities, catering for their level
  • Group sizes vary to optimise for age and abilities
  • Game play is part of the program. Coaches have access to student games which helps lesson plans to be customised
  • Safe and secure online learning environment



This is the place to start! Students learn the basics of the game of chess - how to set up the board, how pieces move and capture, the concept of attacking and defending, check and checkmate.

Suitable for: Students who have not played chess before and want to learn from the beginning.
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Ready for more! Students learn more about attacking and defending, how to get out of check and some basic tactics winning the exchange (and how to avoid losing the exchange), the Pin, Twofold Attack and some basic checkmates like Hugging Checkmate and Electric Fence Checkmate.

Suitable for: Students who have learned the basics of playing a chess game - know how pieces move and know when their King is in check.
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Let's get down to business! Students learn positional understanding and ideas, harder tactics and develop ability to visualise moves of both players. They start to practice assessing their game play in more details by combining pattern recognistion skills, extended tactics knowledge and positional understanding.

Suitable for: Students who have a good understanding of elementary tactics, can visualise 1 or 2 moves ahead.
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Seriously challenging!Students will be learning new ideas and more complex aspects of tactics and positional understanding. Opening knowledge is introduced. Lessons consist more of game analysis skills, which provide learning opportunities through the eyes of the players. At this level, students are also encouraged and supported to play in open external tournaments.

Suitable for: Students who have a good understanding of elementary positional understanding, can visualise several potential variations of candidate moves and able to play reasonable games of Classic time controls.
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