Online Chess

NSC Online Chess Activities

NSC offers a number of chess activities online:

  • Online coaching programs during school hours
  • Online Junior Chess Club programs outside school hours
  • Online Inter-school tournaments during school hours
  • Online Open tournaments outside school hours

NSC online coaching programs

Northern Star Chess offers a range of e-learning programs both in coordination with schools, as well as separate out of school programs.

  • Our e-learning programs are designed to mimic our physical chess programs, with one of our instructors delivering a chess lesson over a video conferencing session, followed by online chess games by means of managed accounts for students which are child-safe.
  • For Schools:We can organise for the coach to conduct the lessons by joining a school-organised meeting, using a school preferred video conference software. Or we have a highly controlled and fully accountable configuration with Zoom meeting that we can host.
  • For Individuals:We offer a range of online chess club programs after school and on weekends, catering for different levels of chess skills.
  • NSC is serious about safety of students. We ensure that all our staff have a valid Working With Children check. This applies whether they are attending programs in person, or conducting programs online.

NSC online tournaments

Northern Star Chess offers a range of online tournament events.

  • NSC is offering a number of online chess tournaments both during school hours (for school students) and outside school hours (open to public). The nature of each tournament and the registration process may differ from event to event, but participation of events is the same. Our configuration respects child safety of junior players who enter a school event and provides a tournament home page for each event offering both players and observers with easy access to games and information during each tournament.
  • We use Lichess as the online game platform, taking advantage of the stable and established features that Lichess offers - from the chess playing interface to cheat detection technology.
  • Once registered, we will manage the event and create games automatically. Everything you need for the tournament is in one place - the NSC tournament home page for your event, where you can easily find your current game to play on Lichess or watch any games in the tournament.
  • Online tournaments are new in 2020. As we build on the program, new information will be made available on this website.