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For coordinators (of school chess programs):

NSC e-learning programs for schools

Northern Star Chess is offering a suite of safe and secure online programs that provides chess coaching and playing for school groups, whether students are connected at school or at home.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can
put together a program that is suitable for your school situation.

Northern Star Chess programs for schools

Northern Star Chess successfully conducted online programs during term 2, and will continue working with schools in term 3. We offer programs in flexible formats to accommodate the ever changing status of school attendance.

NSC e-learning chess clubs for schools

This program offers an online version of our standard school chess club. This may be to individual students connected at home, or a teacher-supervised group of students at school.

A coaching session is delivered by one of our instructors using an online meeting application. The school can set up a meeting using the school online platform and invite the instructor to attend and deliver the program to the students. Optionally, we can offer a controlled set up using Zoom with high level of security for student participation.

Game play amongst students is conducted with accounts on Lichess online chess play. We setup Managed accounts (child-friendly accounts) for students to participate in private classes within Lichess. Student identities (names, other details) are not visible outside of their class.

It may be possible to arrange for students attending at school to play with physical chess sets, even if the coach is connected online. We can provide chess sets on loan to the school in the Melbourne Metro area for this purpose as part of the program.

How to organise your chess club - Term 3 2020

Depending on the individual school situation, we offer a range of formats to accommodate - from full online programs, to a hybrid scenario (an online connection with the chess coach, with students at school using physical chess sets to play their games) to full in-person programs. We recognise the challenge of changing plans in line with the changing status of lockdown, and are prepared to be flexible with changing program format in consultation with schools accordingly. Please contact us to discuss a plan that will best cater for your school situation.